Visual branding helps make meaningful connections.
Branding visually communicates your vision, values, and mission before a client can form a complete “book cover“ opinion about you. The colors and fonts you use in social media posts already speak for you. Getting people to recognize your brand is hard unless you are consistent in style. That's why I’m here.
Is this you?
If you desire to make your business easily understandable to your intended audience, or if you wish to convey the appropriate emotional impact through the use of purposeful colors and texts to enhance your mission, vision, and values, then look no further.
My branding process is crafted to give you confidence in your business visual representation. We will discuss your business/brand vision and dig deep into the very core of your purpose before we dive into a visual brand identity for a purposeful, personalized approach to branding.
If you're in search of a graphic designer who: 
--> Has a passion for telling stories of small businesses
--> Has a clean, minimal design aesthetic
--> Prioritizes personalized one-on-one client experiences above all else 
--> Honors your opinions and feedback in the design process 
--> Can kindly educated and give tips for good engagement along the way
...Then I may be the missing piece to your puzzle!
Before We Begin
Here are a few things to know:
- I believe in direct communication and believe that in-person or phone interactions bring a depth to our collaboration that text, chat, and email can't fully capture. Let's connect in a way that goes beyond words on a screen.
- To ensure clarity, alignment, and organizational structure, a contract will be established before commencing any work. This ensures that both parties are on the same page and provides a solid foundation for our collaboration.
- While there might be a bit of 'homework' involved, especially in projects like branding, providing detailed information upfront significantly enhances the result. Think of it as an investment – the more insights you share initially, the better we can tailor the final product to perfectly match your vision and exceed expectations.
- To ensure you receive my utmost dedication and the highest quality of service, I intentionally limit my workload to 2-3 clients at a time. This allows me to concentrate fully on your project, providing you with the personalized attention and exceptional results you deserve.
Initial Conversation
Unlock the full potential of your project by delving into the intricate details. This section serves as a glimpse into your needs, but there's a richer layer waiting to be explored. Join me on a journey through a comprehensive questionnaire, navigating the depths of your business intricacies—from target markets to expectations and beyond. Whether you prefer the warmth of a coffee chat or the convenience of virtual exchanges, the choice is yours. And if face-to-face is your preference, rest assured, I'm ready to travel up to 20 minutes to make it happen. 
Should there be any concerns or potential conflicts, I'll address them promptly, ensuring a seamless transition to the next exciting stage of our design process.
Fill out the inquiry here or opt to have a phone call.
The Get-to-Know
In this pivotal stage, your project's nuances come to life through a carefully crafted five-part questionnaire. Each question is a stepping stone, guiding us toward a deeper understanding of your vision. Take your time to express your thoughts and aspirations in detail. Your responses will serve as the blueprint, allowing us to sculpt a design that resonates uniquely with your goals. Feel free to share as much as you'd like; every detail contributes to the masterpiece we're about to create together. Let's dive into this collaborative exploration and make your vision a reality! 
Fill out the online form here or ask to have a conversation in person.
Proposals + Signatures
Shortly after the conversation, I will send proposal with what I can offer you considering the factors you described and what I can do based on current clients, etc. Feel free to take as long as you need with choosing. There is no rush. Branding is an investment and it is important to get all the details right.
Mood Board Stage
After you choose a proposal option, sign a simple contract, and talk about  a down payment, we will start with a mood board! This is the phase to mind map your needs and wants. Let's pick a good day to release the inner ideas of your brand-to-be! 
Craft + Draft
After our connection time, I will begin the drafting phase using all the information gathered from you and the info gathered from my individual industry research time. This phase looks different depending on the project, time, and person! We all get busy so I try to take into account the little details as well!
Revision Time
You will submit your all revisions online so feel free to write as much as you want. Alternatively, you can request revisions to be done by phone or in-person too. Sometimes there is too much to discuss through text! I get it! I want to get your revision thoughts written down so I can refer back during the next revision!
The Final Step
Whew, we're there! Upon completion of your payment, you'll promptly receive all the files and assets outlined in your contract. I'll be sending over an invoice shortly, allowing you to choose your preferred payment method, with digital fees applicable for Venmo and Paypal. Please note that any adjustments requested after the final revision will be billed at a rate of $1 per minute. For clients receiving web design services, you'll have a month to explore your new site, during which I'll be available to answer any questions and guide you through navigation. Your satisfaction is my priority, and I'm committed to providing ongoing support. Additionally, should you refer others to my services, you'll earn valuable referral points. It's important to mention that once your logo is revealed, Caywood Creative reserves the right to showcase it in our portfolio on the website or any other platform. Your success is our success!
The Launch
Now, armed with your design files, you're fully equipped to step into the world with a newfound understanding and confidence in your business's vision and beyond. May your journey be filled with success and accomplishment! And if we are continuing in collaboration months after, get ready for the action to begin!
Why not just a logo?
Logos are very important to the brand, but there is more to developing a logo. There are logo variations, sub-marks, watermarks, patterns and textures, and more. If you want to talk my ear off about it, please hit the chat box, I could go on! A logo is a visual expression of your brand. A brand is not a logo. Branding involves the colors and fonts as well as incorporating your mission, vision, and values into the brand equation.

How does payment work?
For branding services, I require a 40% non-refundable down payment to officially book your project in my calendar. The remaining 50% will be due upon completion of the project, before the final delivery of files. Payment plans are available upon request. I do not to payment plans.

Can you print my stationery designs?
I would love to be able to offer the print part of the collateral designs, but I am limiting myself for now. Although, I can provide recommendations on local printing services I have worked on projects myself. I also have online services that I can recommend. 

How many revisions do I get?
It is usually defined in your contract, but I give 3 revisions as default. Additional revisions beyond what is agreed upon will be billed at my hourly rate, as noted in our signed agreement.

What can I expect on turnaround time?
Branding project timelines are about 2 - 6 weeks and I’ll provide a detailed project calendar to keep us on track! We’ll discuss more before booking, so you know what to expect.

When can we get started?
Contact me to find out! To give every client the attention they deserve, I only work with one branding client each month and I have limited spots available. I typically book out 1-2 months in advance. 
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