Hi, I'm Julie Caywood, a Kentucky-based graphic designer who infuses soul into visual identities.
Not every brand needs to shout. I specialize in crafting quiet strength with a touch of heart, creating authentic designs that tell your unique story and leave a lasting impression.
Beyond the Pixels:
Food & Hospitality: My experience in restaurants and coffee shops instilled in me a deep appreciation for creating a welcoming atmosphere and showcasing local flavors.
Storytelling Power: As a preacher's daughter with church marketing experience, I understand the power of visuals to connect with a specific audience.
Attention to Detail: My background in medical coding ensures every element is clear, concise, and visually appealing.
These experiences, combined with my design expertise, allow me to create impactful visuals that resonate with faith-based organizations, small businesses, and pet enthusiasts.
Here's what I can offer:
**Compelling Brand Identities: Craft a visual voice that reflects your values and mission.
**Meaningful Touchpoints: Design cohesive experiences across websites, social media, and marketing materials.
**Authentic Storytelling: Use visuals to connect with your audience on a deeper level.
Fueled by faith and driven by creativity, I'm passionate about helping you achieve your goals through impactful design.
Let's chat about your project!

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