Caywood Creative, LLC - Graphic Design Services Terms of Service
1. Scope of Work: Caywood Creative, LLC agrees to provide graphic design services as outlined in the agreed-upon branding package. This includes but is not limited to logo design, brand identity development, and related visual elements.
2. Client Responsibilities: The client agrees to provide all necessary information, materials, and feedback required for the successful execution of the graphic design project. Timely communication is essential for meeting project deadlines.
3. Design Revisions: The package includes a specified number of design revisions. Additional revisions may be subject to extra charges. Revisions requested after the project's completion may incur additional fees.
4. Intellectual Property: Upon full payment, the client will have ownership of the final designs for their intended use. Caywood Creative, LLC retains the right to showcase the work in portfolios and promotional materials.
5. Payment Terms: Payment details, including the total cost, payment schedule, and accepted payment methods, will be outlined in the project proposal. A non-refundable deposit may be required before commencing work.
6. Confidentiality: Caywood Creative, LLC agrees to keep all client information confidential. Likewise, the client agrees not to disclose proprietary information about Caywood Creative's design processes and concepts.
7. Project Timeline: A mutually agreed-upon timeline will be established for project milestones. Delays caused by the client may result in an extension of the project timeline.
8. Termination of Services: Either party may terminate the project in writing if unforeseen circumstances or irreconcilable differences arise. In such cases, fees for work completed up to the termination date will be invoiced.
9. Client Approval: The client agrees to promptly review and approve or provide feedback on design concepts and drafts. Failure to respond within a reasonable time may impact project timelines.
10. Client Satisfaction: Caywood Creative, LLC is committed to client satisfaction. If the final design does not meet the client's expectations, reasonable efforts will be made to address concerns within the scope of the agreed-upon package.
By engaging with Caywood Creative, LLC, you acknowledge and agree to these terms. For any clarifications or queries, please contact us.
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